Website launched! [21st March 2009]

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the pastel b. website and share a unique greeting card brand with you. Ten years ago, out of the blue, the thought of quilting a card popped up. I found some needle and thread and began experimenting stitching a card.

One stitch at a time, I discovered the potential and limitation of the paper and thread. By trial and error and a lot of patience, I made my first Pastel b. greeting card.

A while back, I found a box holding these precious cards I had made with so much care. As I spread out each card on the bed, I realized that ten years had passed. Looking at the finished product now, with the pastel colors still so soft and un-faded, the stitches and beads still taut, I realized that some things are made to stay.

As I reflected on the past decade, I saw that creating a life that I wanted is very similar to creating one of my precious cards, one step at a time, stitch by stitch.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the pastel b. website and share my labor of love.